Sunday, October 25, 2009

well, postponed till Feb 2010 but

see me this Friday in Northwood for the Art and Wine Bewitching Night!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sale lonely sale

In order to have a sale and rent spaces in my yard I would need to get insurance and for a one day event that would run $383.00. I only wanted to rent 10 spots to help pay for ads, but at $35 a spot I wouldn't even have the insurance covered. So the show will be hosted by Mary and myself and we will be the only dealers.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Legal stuff, oh no so fun! My goal of the week is to find out do we have to have a permit and then do we need a permit to set up a nice large tent in Darlene's beautiful back yard. Who wants to do this, I need an admin because this is not the fun part of occasional sales! I would rather be garaging, thrifting and dumpster diving any day...:)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Occasional Sales


This blog is for those of us who would love to offer our finds every once in a while to others who love to shop; to offer our items to those who appreciate seeing the merchandise, feeling the wares, holding it in ones' hands and sharing the experience of a great find. It is for those of us who want to get the word out there that vintage means green, that handmade means Made In America. It is for those of us who want to support one another in an adventure of the hunt in an atmosphere of good people, good food, and pleasant surroundings.

If you have purchased the current copy of Country Living magazine you will see on page 20 the article: RETAIL'S NEXT WAVE. Enterprising women and men across the nation are holding Occasional Sales as a low-risk way to have a small business that is flexible, of having a means of being productive and to keep their passions alive.

I, myself, have been involved in the past with several very successful craft shows that were held once a year. Droves of people attended and sales were amazing, shoppers knew that if they wanted it they better not hesitate-the show was only a few days long. This helped me to have the confidence to take my folk art to the national trade shows and from there my pieces were in shops across the nation and shown in several magazines, i.e. Country Living. Times changed, imports were shipped in and handmade in America became Made In China. I believe we are returning to our roots of our ancestors with recycling vintage goods (my mom recycled aluminum foil-so do I) and appreciating our own handmade items. If you visit many internet sites such as etsy one will see how supportive and creative everyone is of one another. Occasional Sales are another source for retail; hosting an occasional sale two, three or four times a year, just for the weekend or a bit longer. Hosting the event in ones' home, yard, farm or meadow, making the atmosphere a charming and relaxing place to shop and share with family and friends.

So this blog is for you to share your thoughts, for all of us learn how to host a successful show and to get the word out of Occasional Sales in our areas!